Welcome to Adoring Danielle Rose, your first and only fansource dedicated to the talented American actress Danielle Rose Russell! Danielle Rose is currently playing the leading role of Hope Mikaelson in The CW tv show "Legacies" and previously protrayed this character in the fifth season of "The Originals". You might also recognize Danielle from her roles in the movies "Wonder", "Aloha" and "Measure of a Man". This fansite aims to keep you updated with all the latest news, photos, videos and more about Danielle Rose Russell so make sure to come back soon and often to get the most up to date news. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

By raquel on April 07, 2021
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Hello everyone and welcome on Adoring Danielle Rose, your ultimate fansource on everything dedicated to the american actress Danielle Rose Russell. Danielle Rose is most known for her role as Hope Mikelson on the CW tv series Legacies and The Originals. This fansite aims to be your best and fatest source on everything regarding Danielle Rose Russell.

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