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By raquel on October 24, 2021
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Hi everyone! Yesterday, on October 23, Danielle Rose Russell attended the S3 Weekend Virtual Convention organized by GoldRush Events. During this event, she took part in a Q&A Panel, a lot of meet and greets, an acting workshop (where she talked about the job of being an actres and everything realted to it) and in a Legacies trivia panel alongside her co-stars Kaylee Bryant, Ben Levin and Quincy Fouse.

DISCLAIMER — Due to her contract and the choices she made, only one photo of the event was shared. I will not share any other photos of Danielle from this day as it violates her contract to do so. However, if you follow Adoring Danielle Rose on Twitter (right here), you can identify or send me your official screenshot taken by GoldRush Event (and THIS screenshot only) and I will gladly share or retweet it.

Also, if you want to share your personal experience about this event, don’t hesitate to comment under this post, send me an email at danielleroserussellnews@gmail.com or contact me on twitter at @AdoringDRose. During my meeting with her, she was made aware of the existence of this fansite so it was a big day for Adoring Danielle Rose and the admin (me, obviously) yesterday!

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